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The 2nd Advisory Committee of Experts Meeting for the 2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Takes Place

The 2nd Advisory Committee of Experts Meeting  for the 2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Takes Place

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (ROK) on Thursday, November 4, held the second advisory committee of experts meeting, presided over by Mr. Sang-wook Ham, Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs, for the 2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial, scheduled to take place from December 7 to 8, 2021. 

  ※ UN Peacekeeping Ministerial is the largest and highest-level conference on UN   Peacekeeping, first launched to discuss and contribute to ongoing issues concerning the  peacekeeping operations. 2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial (December 7-8) will   be the 4th conference of its kind, following the Ministerials hosted by the UN in March  2019, Canada in November 2017, and the UK in September 2016. 

  - The Korean government invited foreign and defense ministers from 154 countries,   representatives from international organizations, and experts from private sectors to the  Ministerial. 

 o Succeeding the Ministerial’s appointment ceremony of the experts and the first meeting held on July 29, the second meeting focused on issues regarding the conference venue preparations, quarantine measures against COVID-19, luncheon menu options, cultural performances and more, with the advice from the committee members. The meeting also discussed how to move forward given time left until the opening of the Ministerial. 

2. Deputy Minister Ham said, “2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial will be the first international conference taking place in ROK in the midst of the global pandemic, signaling a comeback of multilateral diplomacy.”He then acknowledged the significance of ROK hosting the Ministerial in 2021, the year that marks the nation’s 30th anniversary of joining the UN. He also sought continued support from the committee members, whose roles are imperative to the Ministerial’s success.  

  ※ Marking the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)’s joining of the UN membership in 1991, a series of international conferences are scheduled to take place: Korea-UN 30th Anniversary International Forum (June 17), UN Day Culture Concert (Oct.21, New York), ROK-UN Joint Conference on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Issues (Nov.11-12), World Emerging Security Forum (Nov.16-17), International Conference on Action with Women and Peace (Nov.25), 2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial (Dec.7-8) and etc. 

3. Committee members, who attended the second meeting, commented that the preparations are well underway for the Ministerial, especially in important areas including, quarantine measures, public relations, and language interpretation. They added that the main theme of the Ministerial,「Technology and Medical Capacity Building」, together with the color and beauty of Korea, is well harmonized with the concepts for the welcoming ceremony, plenary sessions, and exhibitions. The committee members also said that they anticipate ROK’s leading role in peacekeeping and greater cooperation of the international community will solidify in the wake of the Ministerial.  

4. Based on the outcome of the second meeting today, ROK Foreign Ministry will continue to work closely with the committee members, and proceed with the preparations accordingly, to ensure success of the Ministerial.