Introduction to UN Peacekeeping Operations

ROK Contribution to UN Peacekeeping

Joined the UN in 1991, the Republic of Korea deployed the Sangnoksu Unit to Somalia in 1993, the very first deployment for the Republic of Korea, a part of a UN peacekeeping mission.
As of July, a total of 569 people from the Republic of Korea are serving in five UN peacekeeping missions.

Troops Dispatched for Peacekeeping Operations

Sangnoksu Unit

July 1993-March 1994

Key activities : post-civil war restoration and infrastructure building

* The first peacekeeping troop dispatched

ROK Armed Forces Medical Support Group
(Western Sahara)

August 1994-May 2006

Key activities : medical care for UN personnel and local residents

Engineering Unit

October 1995-December 1996

Key activities: post-civil war restoration and reconstruction

Sangnoksu Unit
(East Timor)

October 1999-October 2003

Key activities: reconstruction, the restoration of public safety, and humanitarian assistance

Danbi Unit

February 2010-December 2012

Key activities: post-earthquake restoration, quarantine, etc.

Peacekeeping Troops Dispatched Currently

Dongmyeong Unit

July 2007-present

Key activities: establishment of peace and reconstruction

Hanbit Unit
(South Sudan)

March 2013-present

Key activities: reconstruction and the protection of local residents

Current ROK Personnel Deployed in UN Peacekeeping
Category Current headcount Region Initial dispatch
Unit Dongmyeong Unit (UNIFIL)

Hanbit Unit (UNMISS)


July 2007

March 2013
Individual India/Pakistan Armistice observer (UNMOGIP) 8 Srinagar November 1994
UNMISS observer and staff officer (UNMISS) 11 (3 police officers) Juba July 2011
United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) 1 (1 police officer) Abyei March 2021
UNIFIL staff officer (UNIFIL) 4 Naqoura January 2007
Western Sahara Election observer (MINURSO) 3 Laayoune July 2009
Total 569

(As of July, 2021)